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We are Square One Counsel, An Australian owned Not-for-Profit Organization. Operating currently in 11 countries-Australia, India, Srilanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan, Philippines, Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago, Bangladesh and Mauritius. Head Office located at, Melbourne, Australia. And a branch each in Manipur, Mizoram, Hubli, Trichy, Hyderabad, Vizag, Nagercoil, Salem, Chennai, Bangalore in India. Invest skilled and Semi-skilled individuals to excel their Career and Live Better! We source, recruit, screen, train, guide and deploy Skilled, Semi-Skilled and newly skilled talents in everyday workforce in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. We provide UNIQUE skilled training development across multi skills. We work under the legislations of the Departments, Authorities of States, Provinces and Territories of India, Australia, New Zealand and Canada to provide the most practical and genuine pathway programs in Migration and Emigration. Dream Ahead! Yes making everyone’s (E)migration Dream Possible. Shape young minds and talents to acquire efficient trade skills. Business Investment (CREATE) Program, Job Ready (Dream Ahead Pathway) program is to improve the emissary efficiency on gateway to Australia, New Zealand and Canada Visa on time performance. When you become a part of Square One Family, we honour and evaluate your pre-determination and passion towards the progress of Job Ready Visa program, Small Business Investment Program and Study Ahead program make millions of dream successful. Share & Shine about this inevitable opportunity. We mutually agree and synergise to exceed expectations! SQUARE ONE FAMILY


An ISO 9001 2015 Certified Organisation (1)

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Public notice:

Square one Counsel is an Australian owned Not-for-Profit Organization. We will never send any link or invoice to you requesting for Payments. Please co-operate us to avoid ongoing scams. For further assistance please email us [email protected]

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